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Join the Launch Academy membership & community to access a wealth of resources to help you launch your business like a pro!

Join the Launch Academy membership & community to unlock exclusive resources and tools that will help you launch your business like a pro. From expert advice to insider tips, our community is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level - join now!


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Unleash the power of community, knowledge, and resources and leverage these resources for maximum impact.


We believe that knowledge is just the first step in your digital marketing journey. That's why we also provide a wide range of downloadable tools and resources to help launch grow and scale your business.


Mentors & trainers from all digital marketing disciplines who know how to get you where you want to go, AND peers to support your growth as you support theirs.


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"Ready to take your digital marketing game to the next level? Look no further than Launch Academy! Our extensive library of courses covers every aspect of digital marketing, from the basics of e-commerce to the latest AI-driven marketing techniques. "Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we have something for everyone."


At Launch Academy, we're committed to providing our members with the latest and greatest marketing strategies to help you stay ahead of the curve. We're constantly updating our course offerings with new material each month, ensuring that our members always have access to the most up-to-date marketing insights and tactics.

With Launch Academy, you can rest assured that you'll always be at the forefront of marketing innovation, with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in today's fast-paced business landscape.


No-holds-barred: Ask industry veterans anything and get a direct, specific answer you can use!

  • Tuesdays ~ Platform Power Hour - These sessions are dedicated to helping participants become proficient in using the Launch Cart platform(s). Each session provides step-by-step guidance on setting up your store, managing products, utilizing platform features, customizing your storefront, and maximizing your store’s potential.

  • Wednesdays ~ CRM Marketing Masterclass - In these sessions we will offer in-depth marketing strategies and tactics to promote your digital marketing business effectively. Each session dives into specific marketing topics, including social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, influencer collaborations, funnels, lead magnets, upsells and conversion optimization.

  • Thursdays ~ The Hot-Seat – These sessions are all about practical application and instant feedback. Participants have the opportunity to present their online store, funnel, or marketing strategies live. Each session involves an in-depth analysis, constructive feedback from our coaches, and open-ended discussions on improvements and potential.

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LinkedIn Marketing For Small Businesses: Unlock the untapped potential of LinkedIn to elevate your brand, expand your network, and boost sales in today's competitive digital landscape.


Download exclusive eBooks and checklists tailored for entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing valuable insights and practical tools to accelerate your success in the ever-evolving business landscape.


VALUE $1,997 - The 7 Steps to Creating Wealth Through Building Brand Equity: Unleash the power of strategic branding to unlock new opportunities, captivate your audience, and propel your business towards long-term financial prosperity.

Etsy Shop Masterclass

Etsy Shop Masterclass: Unleash your creativity and business savvy to build a thriving online store on the world's leading marketplace for unique handmade and vintage products.


Step into our exclusive program to build profitable businesses with Launch Cart stores. Leverage our expertise and innovative tools to drive your success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.
*This is not the certified course


FB Ads Masterclass: Gain expert insights and learn proven strategies to effectively navigate the world of Facebook advertising, maximizing your ad campaigns' impact and achieving remarkable results.


The Facebook Ads Breakthrough: Discover the game-changing strategies and tactics that will revolutionize your advertising campaigns, driving unparalleled success and growth in the digital age.


Mock Up Masterclass: Master the art of product photography & digital creating stunning mock-ups that elevate your e-commerce store, captivating customers and driving sales with visual excellence.


ChatGPT Masterclass: Dive into the world of GPT and unlock its limitless potential as we guide you through getting started and harnessing the power of this amazing tool for enhanced creativity and problem-solving.


No Product, No Problem: Discover the secrets to success in print-on-demand e-commerce, empowering you to thrive in the digital marketplace without the need for physical inventory.


Email Marketing Swipe is filled with a vast collection of hundreds of pre-written Emails, designed to save you time and ignite your creativity for impactful and successful email marketing campaigns.


Project Roadrunner: Discover powerful tactics and strategic approaches for effective listing building in your e-commerce store, accelerating growth and driving sales with a step-by-step proven methodology.


This comprehensive toolkit caters to entrepreneurs, encompassing a wide array of resources such as sample term sheets, venture capital firm directories, and business plan evaluations. It serves as an invaluable asset for individuals embarking on entrepreneurial endeavors.


The 7 Steps to Raising Capital will equip entrepreneurs with essential knowledge as we delve into the seven critical steps required to successfully raise capital from investors, empowering you to secure the funding needed for your ventures."


Gaining clarity is a crucial element in achieving success as an entrepreneur. In this training on business clarity, participants will discover how clarity serves as a key foundation for entrepreneurial success.


Pinterest Accelerator Program: Master the art of Pinterest marketing by establishing a business account, honing SEO strategies, targeting your market, and creating engaging content.


Blank to Bank - Print on Demand Course: Dive deep into the world of print-on-demand, starting with design basics, leveraging the Blank to Bank method, and exploring secret design hacks. Navigate Google and Pinterest trends and benefit from practical examples and resources.


Product Photo Mastery Class: Enhance your business visuals with this comprehensive guide to capturing stunning product photos, complete with 6 mastery tips, bonus insights, and SEO resources.


7, 8 & 9 Figure Interviews: Gain insider knowledge from digital marketers who've achieved 7, 8, and 9 figure success online, learning about their tools, FB ad strategies, e-commerce growth hacks, and holiday marketing tips.


Conversion Tactics 101: Enhance your email marketing prowess with this focused guide on conversion strategies, featuring expert tips from Ken Anderson and a deep dive into successful Klayvio Black Friday results.


Webinars Marketing: Unleash the potential of webinars as a robust marketing tool, learning how to effectively promote your high-ticket products and services for maximum reach and impact.

We are always adding new trainings so you never stop learning!

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Here’s What Some of Our Members

Have To Say

Scott Cunningham

Founder and CEO of Social Lite

“One of my favorite parts about the M3 Mastermind is it’s ALL about marketing that is actually working in the real world.”

Lauren Petrullo

CEO and Founder of Mongoose Media LLC

“The best part about the M3 Mastermind, for me, is getting to work with Richard and Ryan. My aha moment got even better when we shared it with the entire group.”

Wayne Moussalli

Chief Growth Officer, Formula Botanica

“One of my key takeaways from M3 is keeping things simple and going back to the basics so I can stop overcomplicating marketing.”

Amara Omoregie

Founder of amaraREPS

“Being able to refocus on the foundations of marketing helps us to achieve those breakthroughs sooner and faster than doing it on our own.”

Kevin Barber

Founder and Head of Growth, Lean Labs

“The M3 Mastermind is awesome because it’s an opportunity to come and learn from people that are actually doings that have the results, and they can explain to you how they implemented it.”

Peter Ippolito


“The value that M3 has already delivered is way above what I expected and the access to high level marketers has been astonishing.”

Nicholas Collius

The Witch of Marketing

“My favorite part of M3 is learning from people that are where I want to be.”

$20MM+ Revenue Earned Over The Last 5 Years

Greg Writer

Co-Founder & CEO, Launch Cart

Often referred to as “The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend”, Greg has spent the past 15 years coaching thousands of entrepreneurs like yourself to raise capital, market their businesses, and ring the cash register.

At the age of 21 he was the youngest owner of a full-service investment bank in the history of the United States. Since then he has been directly involved in over $100 million in financing, dozens of IPO’s and mergers & acquisitions for early stage and start up companies.

He has over 35 years of experience in corporate finance, capital formation, executive level management, mergers & acquisitions, software development, licensing & distribution, and sales & marketing.

As a self-declared “digital marketing guru”, Greg has generated millions of dollars in revenue using the exact strategies he teaches in seminars and keynotes across the country. These days, he’s on a mission to help celebrities & influencers accelerate their business growth, increase their revenues, and build “brand equity” through e-commerce and online digital marketing.

Jeff Barnes

COO & Director, Launch Cart

Jeff Barnes is a former US Navy Nuclear power plant operator on a Submarine, Navy diver, risk management director, technology enthusiast, business growth expert, advisor and management consultant.

Mr. Barnes sits on the boards of startup companies, runs a venture fund, supports non-profits supporting military vets, and spends most of his time helping CEOs and founders of growing companies automate, systemize, and scale to 8 and 9-figure valuations.

With over 20 years of technology, systems, operations, and marketing experience, Mr. Barnes has advised over 1,000 companies, invested tens of millions in advertising campaigns, and helped companies generate over $1 billion in investment capital.

As the chairman of Angel Investors Network and founder of Digital Evolution Marketing Group, Mr. Barnes has worked with founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs around the world to accelerate the growth of their businesses and achieve substantial exits. He's a father, husband, veteran, business owner, advisor, and mentor, and his true passion in life his helping others achieve success, freedom, and autonomy in theirs.

Candace Writer

eCommerce Expert, Coach & Social Media Lead Machine

I'm mompreneur and eCommerce expert with over a decade of experience in building and scaling online stores for brands.

As a coach and business bestie, my goal is to help you launch your own successful online merch store with ease, even if you have ZERO experience.

I'm here to empower you and guide you to grow your brand awareness and earn passive income! Luxury Brands & Influencers are making thousands & millions $$$ earning passive income from their online store, and so can YOU!

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